• Putting a face to the jewellery, Francesca Grima wears contemporary and vintage pieces from the collection. Of particular note are an Ammonite necklace with matching earrings and a pair of Watermelon Tourmaline earrings designed by Francesca; a Green Tourmaline necklace and Green Tourmaline “Brick” ring designed by her mother Jojo Grima and a Citrine Geode Necklace and “Elegance” watch designed by her father, Andrew Grima.

    Photography by Si Melber assisted by Alex Natt

    Hair and Makeup by Lydia Ward-Smith

    Garments by Alex Perry

    Shoes by Nike and Clergerie

  • THE 1970S

    Aesthetically speaking, the 1970s were something of a mixed bag. It was the decade that combined Donny Osmond, The Bay City Rollers and Van Der Graaf Generator at the same time as David Bowie, Roxy Music and Marvin Gaye. On the fashion front, ridiculous wide collars, double denim and chest hair vied with sublime Halston, Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent. In short it was a time when the cultural gods gave generously with one hand and capriciously dashed away with the other.

  • Textured Wire

     From the early 1960s Andrew Grima began to experiment with textured gold wire, soldered together, layer upon layer, in waves to give depth and movement. Random gaps between the wires and scatterings of diamonds to catch the light would give the finished pieces a delicate, ethereal quality.

    Many of these jewels were quite large, but the light, open designs and broken outlines dispelled any feeling of heaviness. Due to its adaptability, textured gold wire featured as the building-block for many of Grima’s more sculptural designs.

    The textured gold wire jewels featured here are a combination of new and vintage pieces. They represent the quintessence of Grima jewellery and the very highest level of the goldsmith’s craft.


    Spring is here (well almost) so as freshly minted leaves unfurl against aquamarine skies and bluebells erupt under the canopy of ancient woods we present some freshly minted jewels for your perusal (and a few drops for good measure)…

  • THE 1960s

    Our second issue of ‘ Behind The Jewel’ features pieces for sale from the 1960s. Andrew Grima’s career as a jewellery designer began in 1946 and continued into the new millennium, but the 1960s was the decade when everything changed. The opening salvo in this breakthrough decade began in 1961 with The International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery (1890 - 1961) held in London at the Goldsmiths’ Hall. Grima’s H.J. Company featured prominently in the exhibition and he was subsequently inspired to ditch the past and commit to a new design philosophy declaring that the exhibition “set my mind searching for new shapes and forms”.


    We are pleased to present our first issue of “Behind The Jewel”, a regular blog featuring jewels from our collection. Jojo and Francesca Grima will be sharing their favourite pieces - new and vintage - shedding light on the design process and inspiration behind them.