January 6, 2021
We are pleased to present our first issue of “Behind The Jewel”, a regular blog featuring jewels from our collection. Jojo and Francesca Grima will be sharing their favourite pieces - new and vintage - shedding light on the design process and inspiration behind them.
In the age of electronic communication what could be more deliciously frivolous and analog than this beautiful Grima paper knife? The handle is crafted from a large boulder opal weighing 112cts. mined from the town of Quilpie in Queensland, Australia. Embellished and backed with textured yellow gold and diamonds with a silver blade, it conjures up an interstellar nebula; an iridescent cloud of dust and gas in space or else a blue lagoon framed by golden barrier islands.
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The ‘Bead Necklace’ is an iconic Grima design from the 1980s. Made from hand-beaten yellow and pink gold, silver and blackened silver beads, it was designed as an alternative to Grima's multicoloured pearl necklace at a time when cultured pearls had become prohibitively expensive. Ironically this is no longer the case and the Grima bead necklace is now a far more desirable and sought-after piece than a simple cultured pearl necklace.


The centrepiece of this necklace is a rare and unusual Madagascan sphene. Rare because of its size (16.75 carats) and unusual because of its ‘clean eye’ clarity. This gemstone has entrancing hues of bottle green, mature cognac and pale whisky accentuated by an intense brilliance (sphenes are second only to diamonds in this respect). It is is framed in a spectacular cluster of coloured diamonds set in yellow gold which echo and complement the multicolours of the sphene.

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This pendant looks like something that Superman’s mother might have worn…however, it is not kryptonite but dioptase, an emerald green copper cyclosilicate mineral from the Congo. Nowadays it is vary rare to find specimens of this size and quality. The crystal in question has been waiting patiently for 34 years in the Grima stone collection to be liberated as a precious jewel. Framed by yellow gold and white gold and diamond cubes to mimic the structure of the crystals the pendant has an abstract, organic, other-worldly character that is typically Grima.

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